Acoustic ceiling solution helps win architectural award


Concrete grey acoustic ceiling solutions helps train station in Winterberg win an award

The Bürgerbahnhof is a modern, award-winning, multi-purpose railway station with a high school and urban civic office.


Built in the Sauerland winter mountain, this attractive, newly built railway station welcomes many tourist and locals every day. The beautiful station is built in the shape of a ski jump, perfectly complementing the popular winter sports that visitors can enjoy in the region.

At first sight, when people arrive at the station, they are always greeted with a positive surprise. The entrance and waiting terminal have an such an openness and charm, which is due its high ceilings in a nice concrete colour and spacious feel of the design.

Various visual and acoustic requirements could only mean Rockfon

The large rooms, with its ceiling-high glass facades and other sound reflecting materials, like metal and marble, are an attractive visual highlight, but these hard surfaces lead to a poor acoustic atmosphere.

Given the large crowds that travel through the train station every day, the noise levels can quickly become uncomfortable, making waiting in the terminal unbearable and conversations impossible, if the necessary acoustic treatment aren’t properly built-in to the design.

Adding to the necessity of a comfortable indoor comfort are the spaces that are adjacent to the main terminal like the urban civic community as well as the adult education facilities. This meant that the architects needed to find a solution that would respect the design of the space while enhancing the indoor atmosphere in a way that would make the space sound as good as it looked.

Colour design is combined with good acoustics

A modern attractive feel, great acoustics and a user-friendly design was what the Architect of Bürgerbahnhof was looking for. In order to achieve her vision, Architect Helga Köster-Saure choose Rockfon Color-all® acoustic ceiling tiles and Chicago Metallic grid in colour of concrete, to create a discreet look and a perfect match between that acoustic solution and its suspension grid.

Because of the busyness of the space, Rockfon acoustic ceiling solutions enabled her to meet the regulations for acoustic comfort and fire safety.

The Bürgerbahnhof not only convinced clients, planners and users, the architecture, acoustics and functionality also convinced the association of "Allianz pro Schiene e.V.", which annually nominates an award for station. With Rockfon’s contribution to the Winterberg Bürgerbahnhof, it ended up winning this award in 2018.


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