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Hear from the international consultants we have worked with and discover the theory and thinking behind the colours. Talk to an expert about our wide range of ceiling tile, grid and island styles, and see how the Colours of Wellbeing complement modern building materials including natural stone, exposed concrete, glass and metal.


Understanding the
colour trends

With Sara Garanty

"Colour is a dance between your brain and the world. Every colour is a universe of its own, it unfolds differently and it evokes different feelings and emotions within us.”

Sara Garanty, colour expert and
celebrated interior designer

The Psychology
of Colour

With Karen Haller

"The more we can love colour, the more that we can express who we truly are.”

Karen Haller, author and Applied Colour &
Design Psychology Expert


Master – What are the most prominent colour and interior trends?

Sara Garanty on the Colours of Wellbeing Sara was on the global consultancy team that selected the Colours of Wellbeing for Rockfon. She has a BA in interior design from…

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Master – Colours and the fifth wall

What effect do colours have on ceiling designs? Colours and the Fifth Wall The favourite colour for a ceiling is without…

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Master – How does colour affect our wellbeing based on colour psychology

Karen Haller on Colour Psychology Author and leading international authority in the field of Applied Colour & Design Psychology, Karen Haller…

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Master – How can colours affect our mind, emotions and behaviours?

How is your perspective influenced by colour? Understanding colour and the human mind “The human eye and brain together translate light into colour.…

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Master – A brief history and evolution of colours

Pigments, dyes and hues A brief history and evolution of colours “Can you imagine a world without colour? Today, we have yellow, pastel…

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